Jude Treder-Wolff's story Winter Storm - about a Christmas Eve blizzard, sisters and the curative power of candy - was featured on Kevin Allison's popular storytelling podcast RISK!. Click here to listen.
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Jude Treder-Wolff

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Jude Treder-Wolff is the host and creator of
(mostly) TRUE THINGS

Hear the story 'What Happened At The Face Your Fears Retreat" told at the Feb 28 performance of (mostly) TRUE THINGS


Upcoming shows:
Sunday May 17 at 6 pm
Saturay June 20 and 7 pm

(mostly) TRUE THINGS is Long Island's only local true storytelling show and has a unique twist: four storytellers and only one of them is telling the unvarnished truth. By the end of the evening, the whole truth comes out, with the help of the audience.

"There's laughter in the room as Jude Treder-Wolff opens her second storytelling slam 'mostly true things' one Saturday evening with her own penned song about small fibs and big omissions. 'we all do it,' she says to the crowd. 'we all twist the truth.'

In fact, that is the basis of the night's event. to hear four stories and figure out which three contain some lies and which one is the absolute truth. 'its to get people to listen and engage,' says Treder-Wolff, a psychotherapist and a creative arts therapist....

'it was a really profound experience,' says (Alicia R) Peterson (one of the storyellers). 'it was a nice feeling to be so listened to.' that dynamic was felt by the audience as well. 'Its different from anything I've seen," says Suzanne Coughlin, 48, of Smithtown. 'I believed everything." From the Thursday Nov. 20 feature article about (mostly) TRUE THINGS in New York Newsday. **


If you have ever been to a storytelling slam you know how much heart, humor and human connection emerges through people sharing accounts of real-life events told live, without notes. A storytelling slam is an invitation to share a slice of real life in a room full of people who appreciate a well-told tale.

This slam is a little different than most. We have 4 storytellers, one of whom is telling the whole truth. The other 3 also tell true narratives but woven into it are little white lies, major exaggerations or something entirely made up. After all the stories are told, the audience gets into the action, asking questions of the tellers, then voting for who is telling the whole truth. Winners get prizes but you have to be there to find out about those. Its a great, entertaining and community-building evening.

Also audience members and storytellers can promote their business, event or services in a portion of the evening called "PLUGS." You will have some laughs, hear about some (mostly) true things that others have experienced first-hand, and meet some other great minds who know that a storytelling slam is a slammin way to spend an evening. COMPLETE INFORMATION ABOUT (mostly) TRUE THINGS ON THIS LINK.

photos by Jeremy Patlen www.jeremypatlen.com

Reviews of Jude Treder-Wolff:

"Self-medicate with real-life therapist Jude Treder-Wolff. Expect the unexpected! And without the hourly rates." New York Daily News.

"A touch of therapy with a lot of laughs and music seems exactly what the world needs now." Cabaret Scenes

'Well-written and funny." BackStage

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