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"A great show with a fantastic environment. Perfect to bring a loved one or a night with friends. Highly recommend." Diane Caruso, PushPause TV

"There's nothing that matters more to me than hearing peoples' stories. It stirs my soul and in each storytelling you find the laughter within the lesson. Get out and spend some time with friends attending (mostly) TRUE THINGS- in a world of uncertainty its so important we listen to the stories, find the connect and embrace the laughter." Fran Valentino, LCSWAlso (mostly)

"There's laughter in the room as Jude Treder-Wolff opens her second storytelling slam 'mostly true things' one Saturday evening with her own penned song about small fibs and big omissions. 'we all do it,' she says to the crowd. 'we all twist the truth.'

In fact, that is the basis of the night's event. to hear four stories and figure out which three contain some lies and which one is the absolute truth. 'its to get people to listen and engage,' says Treder-Wolff, a psychotherapist and a creative arts therapist....

"An extremely entertaining and thought provoking show. Everyone involved is extremely talented. I wish I could make it to more of these." - Mike Toth
"Best variety hour of entertainment on Long Island!" - John Martin
"So much fun. This show has everything! Stories. Music. Comedy. Heart." - Debbie Zelizer
"(mostly) TRUE THINGS is a unique entertainment experience -part cabaret, part storytelling, part whodonit - and always a great time! Iíve performed here and Jude is a terrific, engaging host and the audience is always warm and engaging." - Tracey Segarra, Moth Grand Slam winner
"I had a blast doing (mostly) TRUE THINGS! Jude Treder-Wolff is an incredible host and all the other storytellers were amazing! The Performing Arts Studio of NY is such a beautiful space and made the whole experience so relaxed and just wonderful. I look forward to doing it again." ó Award-winning writer/performer Bob Brader, www.bob-brader.com
"As a comedian telling the truth on the stage for 25 years, Iíve never had so much fun being a big fat liar...for the most part. Storytelling with (mostly) TRUE THINGS is such a fun experience, I would tell stories every month, if I had more exciting life. And that's no lie." Stevie GB, comedian
"My first experience telling my story in front of a live audience was at Mostly True Things created by Jude Treder-Wolff. It was an amazing experience. I could not have asked for a more supportive atmosphere. All of the other performers were wonderful including my teacher, Hal Peller and the theatre is so intimate and delightful and the audience was spectacular. " Sherri Rosen, http://www.sherrirosen.com/
"Yes stories can change the world. Finding voice for my story changed my life." Alicia R. Peterson http://www.aliciarpeterson.com

"Jude delivered a wonderful performance Saturday night. Her beautifully written, musical "parable" is a poignant and comedic story of a time when perception and reality suddenly did not agree. "Crazytown" cleverly invites us to see the challenge and value to be found in discovering one's own voice amid the cacophony others' realities. So engaging, so many laughs and so beautifully done. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!" Stephanie Gholson, actress/singer/activist
"Jude Treder Wolff has turned her experience as a beginning idealistic social worker into a terrifically entertaining one woman-show. She skillfully connects with the audience as she tells her story with original and humorous songs and prose. A multifaceted talent at bargain rate prices!!!" Judy Pullman, LCSW
"AWESOME* insightful, inspiring show! Worthy of seeing twice!" AnnMarie W., health care worker
"I saw CrazyTown on May 12th and LOVED it! Jude is so talented, smart and funny. It was touching and insightful.. Run, don't walk, to CrazyTown!" Marian Rich, improviser/actress
"Crazytown is crazy good. Jude Treder-Wolff's show is brilliant, poignant, and thought-provoking that somehow intertwines hilarious insights. Side splitting funny, not to mention her wonderful voice and the brilliant original music." Debbie Zelizer, PhD
"My husband, grandson & myself were in NYC on May 12th & saw Crazytown. It was easy to relate to Jude's story. I quickly went from listening which extended to laughter & eventually to tears. It is an experience that touched my soul." Sue T., RN
"So real. So honest. Better than most things Off-Broadway!" Gale Citron, MA
"I loved this show. It made me feel appreciated for what I do for a living. Illustrated with warmth and humor the conundrums 'helpers' come up against and that we are human beings too." Annemarie Corangelo, LCSW
"Fascinating tale of her own transformation during a stressful time in her life. It is touching and humorous and musical. A great combination and totally unique." Jim Schechter, MA

Media Reviews

"A hybrid of stand-up comedy routine and cabaret act, Crazytown tells the (allegedly) true story of how Treder-Wolff achieved her own psychological breakthrough as a result of working with wackos...Between her patientsí delusions and her own, Treder-Wolff has a lot of voices to blend together in Crazytown. She does so with good humor and a minimum of fuss. Itís a pleasure to spend time with a talented actress and singer who has seen some scary stuff, yet emerged with her sense of humor intact and ready to sing." Regina Robbins, Theatre Is Easy

"Clever and heartfelt, Crazytown provides instant relief from the blues." Karen D'Onofrio, Electronic Link Off-Broadway

"The entire production consists of witty, entertaining anecdotes of Judeís experiences working as a creative arts psychotherapist. The stories and character impersonations were at times very hilarious....Jude makes you realize the hilarious, troubling, definitely strange people and situations you encounter on a daily basis Öare in fact normal for your profession.
Again, Jude Treder-Wolff is a great storyteller, really funny impersonator and she may have also been a fantastic psychotherapist. What Jude is not!" www.Macduffnyc.com theater, fashion & the arts Macfuffnyc.com

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"The best variety hour on Long Island." John Martin
"Great stories! I wish I could make it every month!" Jenny Drescher, http://www.connectandimprov.com/

"Drawing on her background as both a stand-up comic and therapist, Treder-Wolff succeeds in helping us laugh and think at the same time."
Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes.
"Self-medicate with Jude Treder-Wolff Expect the unexpected! And without the hourly rates."
Wayman Wong, New York Daily News
"Jude Treder-Wolff combines standup comedy with psychological therapy and songs...aptly demonstrating that despite the many differences among people, we all connect on certain levels. A touch of therapy with a lot of laughs and music seems exactly what the world needs now. "
- Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes

 "Self-medicate with the Jude Treder-Wolff Thursday Nite Psychotherapy Group. Expect the unexpected. Host (and psychotherapist) Jude Treder-Wolff updates the variety show weekly with guest vocalists and comedians spouting off their opinions - without the hourly rate."

-New York Daily News

Thursday Nite Psycho Therapy Group hosted by real life therapist/performer Jude Treder-Wolff is a topical, issue driven, live, weekly variety show that features special guest vocalists and comedians with a strong point of view about todays biggest issues. Jude mixes music and monologues as the charming emcee in this non-stop hour of fun. Directed by Bistro Award winner, Erv Raible.

- Stu Hamstra, www.cabarethotlineonline.com

"On Saturday October 16th, I was downtown, first to catch Jude Treder-Wolff's "ENCHANTMENT'S ... The Planet In The Window" show at UPSTAIRS AT ROSE'S TURN (55 Grove Street, NYC - 1-212-366-5438 - http://www.rosesturn.com/ ) at 7:00 pm. Ms. Treder-Wolff has an amazing array of talents, which she alternates in this performance. She is a great "stand-up" style comic, with a number of "one-liners" that often stunned the room as the audience digested the witty and often pithy comments. She is also an excellent vocalist, and especially on the ballads, gave us treat after treat. She is also a creative arts psychotherapist, and brings to the show special insights and observations. Plus, one can see she gets special joy when she dons a nuns cap and changes into Sister Jude of the Impossible Situations. The show turns out to be a sort of one-woman variety show! Ian Herman was musical director for this performance (Wells Hanley will be at the piano for the rest of the show). Direction is by Erv Raible."
-Stu Hamstra, www.cabarethotlineonline.com

"In its beginnings, in Europe, cabaret carried social commentary on the times. Now Jude Trevor-Wolff has revived the tradition with her new show, Enchantments The Planet in the Window, at The Duplex. Mixing music and monologue, and cavorting occasionally in costume, she has created an original show that flows with comedy yet carries an undercurrent of serious concern. The show includes a generous helping of songs, ranging from almost-anthems--for example, Rodgers & Hammerstein's You've Got to Be TaughtFrom a Distance, and Joe Darion/Mitch Leigh's Impossible Dream--to high humor, including John Wallowitch's Cosmetic Surgery, William Spiven's Operator, Get Me Jesus on the Line, and the Tom Lehrer chestnut, We'll All Go Together When We Go. Drawing on her background as both a stand-up comic and therapist, and aided by Wells Hanley as music director and Erv Raible as director, Tredor-Wolff succeeds in helping us laugh and think at the same time."
- Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes

" ...a slick and inspired comical touch. With a comic delivery that is less biting than empathetic, and a vocal delivery that is smooth rather than textured, Treder-Wolff's song selections dovetailed neatly with her observations. "
- Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes

"Immensely entertaining, moving effortlessly from song to stand-up  insightful and funny, keeps her audiences laughing and identifying."
- Jan  Wallman, Applause, Applause

"Pure musical entertainment complimented by comedy and her delightful  perspective on how the world works."
- Laurie Lawson, Electronic  Link

"Combines standards with stand-up!"
- Time-Out New York

"Funniest Person From the Suburbs"
- Stand-Up New York

"Jude Treder-Wolff brings considerable comedy experience to cabaret..her show is well-written and funny! No frills delivery!!"
- John Hogland, BackStage

"Impressive! Hilarious! A therapist, Treder-Wolff used her vocation....to inspired comic effect. She  won us over in the first two numbers....with the quickly accumulated  good will of her warmly amusing personality, not to mention the smarly organized structure of her act...deftly directed by Erv Raible.  Its a solid blueprint for a winning nightclub act!
 - Barbara & Scott Siegel/Two of Clubs/

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